We are

Corporate entrepreneurs

Us who work in MobileLife come from all walks in life. To date we are 15 different nationalities with even more diverse backgrounds. By combining the knowledge of Danske Bank with the mindset of entrepreneurs we attack challenges from new angles and create new ways of working. That is why we use the oxymoron Corporate Entrepreneur to describe each other.

Meet some of us

A start-up with 150 years of banking experience

Somewhere along the way from the financial crisis of 2008 and now, business as usual became a thing of the past.

New technologies offered new possibilities and consumers everywhere increasingly started to look for on-demand services. Danske Bank, fresh off disrupting peer to peer payments in Denmark with wildly successful MobilePay, decided to see what would happen if they started a separate innovation hub with a slightly controversial mission: to try to disrupt the bank. Thus, MobileLife came to be. We are an organization of developers, analytics, conceptualists, bankers and designers (to name a few skillsets) who spend our days trying to think of new ways of approaching banking. We have two offices, in Copenhagen Denmark, and Vilnius Lithuania.


Banking is what happens when you buy a coffee

Many people think about banking as something Wall Street investors do to get very wealthy.

But the great majority of us rely on banks to go about our daily lives as well. We pay our coffee with a credit card, we realize a dream of owning a home with the help of a loan. These life events, big and small, are what we focus on in MobileLife. We wish to make a positive impact in consumers’ everyday life through developing more effective solutions. The first thing we tried our hands on was a platform for finding and financing a home, we called it Sunday because our focus was on those days you enjoy in your home after you are done dealing with the bank. Our next product focused on making saving easier and more accessible for everyone, you can find more information about the project here.