The MobileLife house

All employees in MobileLife belong to different ventures, consisting of small cross-functional teams with unique skillsets who approach tasks together.

Each cross-functional team holds competences ranging from CX’er and marketing experts to strategists, project managers, developers etc. Thus, we leverage all different skills in each project and are able to move quicker from A to Z.

To get a good understanding of exactly what kind of organisation we are, head over to the culture section here.



We are on a mission to ensure that product and service experiences in MobileLife are user centric. Our team holds very different competencies, but we all have a common interest - designing great user experiences.

As a CX designer in MobileLife the goal is to create delightful, easy-to-use and on-brand products. Designers make sure to form strong visual language and CX patterns. This makes it easier to communicate with and to our users and continuously improve the experience.



New tasks arise every day that you have never solved before. You must be both adaptive, proactive, courageous and innovative to find good solutions.

As a part of the HR team you have a unique possibility to get to know everybody in MobileLife. New people start their adventures here and everybody comes by to chat or to ask questions at some point. We also take a strategic and operational approach to culture. Culture lives in the organisation and with the people who work here, but not everything should be left up to chance. We take new initiatives and work to create the best possible environment for MobileLifers to work and grow.



We do not make a difference between backend and frontend developers when it comes to contributing to all parts of the solution. Everyone is welcome to feedback on each other’s work, and that we believe makes work more fun, involving and results in better output. The IT team spars regularly with our UXers and designers and concepts are presented and debated before they are user tested.  

Testing and deployment infrastructure is set up to run tests automatically every time a single piece of code is submitted. This makes sure our quality is up to par with high set expectations and allows us to focus on delivering software more often.

The team consists of both native mobile developers and web developers.


Analytics / Risk

What type of people are we? Proactive, creative and with the mind-set to challenge existing solutions.

The Analytics team consist of friendly people, who are strong individualists, not afraid to ask for help and who are always ready to help each other out. At the same time, the pace is high and our direction changes from time to time so you must be adaptable. Some days you need to be creative to think how data could be used and models could be improved. Some days you need to do coding of models and make sure it is implemented correctly.


Agile Coaches

Us coaches are here to make sure projects move along smoothly and per agile development methods. It is a role that entails problem solving, creativity and psychology to keep teams motivated and on track



When done correctly, marketing is on the side of the consumer sending relevant messages to the right audiences.

The Marketing team in MobileLife has the capability to plan execute and run campaigns in house and we continuously strive to learn more about what our customers need, when they wish to be informed about an offer, and how we can become ever more relevant in our communication. Analytics, creatives and writers convene here to support MobileLife’s output.



A strategic plan is only relevant until it is changed, that is an unavoidable fact.

In the strategy team we typically work on long term plans, but we need to be agile and in tune with market preferences and demands and ready to revise our work when the need arises. We support the long term vision of MobileLife to challenge status quos and to develop products that have a real and meaningful impact on people’s lives.



One of the secrets to creating better products is to make the complicated simple and understandable. But to achieve this you typically have to manage some pretty complex things. Stakeholders, systems and processes need to be aligned in order for customer-facing products to work smoothly. This complexity is managed by the Process team and that is why we like to think of ourselves as the backbone of MobileLife.


Product Owners

You could call us the main stakeholders in each of our projects. We make sure all involved teams stay on course and work towards a common goal. It is our responsibility to understand both our users, the market place and the trends that impact our work. It is also our job to make sure we prioritise the right things - to make the hard choices together with our teams around what features are in, and what features are out.