Our MobileLife Purpose

We challenge status quos within Danske Bank, and we develop solutions that have a real and meaningful impact on people’s lives.

What is an innovation hub anyway

1+1 = 3

It is no secret that back in 2014, when MobileLife saw the light of day, Silicon Valley had put the fear in the minds of executives everywhere.

Many industries foresaw that twentysomethings out of San Francisco would sweep in and eat their lunch. But the wild success of start-ups also inspired and hinted at ways of creating better customer experiences. Corporations experimented with internal innovation departments and incubators. Danske Bank took it one step further – by providing the strength and the know-how of the bank to an off-site team of innovators, the hope was to get an explosive growth in innovation and output. It worked. Today MobileLife-developed technology is a central part of one of the largest digitalization projects in Danske Bank to date and our products have thousands of users across Denmark.

Part of something

Danske Bank is our most important partner, customer and sponsor

As a part of Danske Bank we have the benefit of access to millions of customers across Europe.

We also have access to a wealth of know-how that we leverage in our projects. Sometimes it is tricky to balance our partners' needs for stability with our need for change, but most of the times the result is that both parties push forward to find a solution. A good example is the development of our automated mortgage process. Offering mortgages to customers can rightfully be called the holy grail of retail banking and traditionally it is a time consuming, manual process. MobileLife automated the process by applying robots that work on top of Danske Banks system, a clever hack that will save thousands of hours in manual clicking. The result – faster processing for the customers and more time for customer dialogue for the advisors.

You know what?

Many of us never worked in a bank before

Should you visit the offices of MobileLife you would quickly notice that people here do not look like your stereotypical banker. And actually, most of us never worked in a bank before starting here. Approximately 40 percent of our colleagues come from Danske Bank, the rest of us have enjoyed work in very different organisations prior to joining MobileLife. We believe this mix of people adds valuable perspectives to our projects and we encourage to share experiences through working in cross functional teams.

MobileLife Culture

You get the opportunity to find your own way, and stay curious.

Meet some of our MobileLifers in this short video from our latest company trip to London.

Good people

MobileLifers strive to be good people.

We believe that hard work, transparency in what we do, and a positive attitude empowers us to bring meaningful change to the world.

Passionate professionals

MobileLifers are self-driven professionals fuelled by equal parts passion and curiosity.

Our culture is dynamic and our pace is high. We combine individual responsibility and trusting teamwork with the courage to push each other forward. We do this by being straight forward in our communication and by valuing honest feedback. We are a diverse group of people and we grow by learning from each other.

Dynamic entrepreneurs

MobileLifers are innovators with the ability to imagine and create.

The nature of our output changes, but our determination to develop meaningful innovations remains constant. It is up to us to imagine, develop and bring improvements to the world.